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The idea behind Alaska Enterprises is 19 years old the first step of which was the company named Alaska Capitals launched in 2009 as a Forex broker. Alaska Enterprises works globally to expose the forex mafia involved in dishonest dealings with commission agents. These agents exploit end user’s investment and Alaska Enterprises is committed to protecting these end users and their investments. In addition to protecting its clients Alaska Enterprises also educates them about fraudulent businesses. It is the company’s aim to protect such individuals, groups, or organization, who had been victims of any fraudulent deals over the last few decades from further exploitation. Alaska Enterprises offer its clients the wonderful opportunity to invest in forex, gold, and real estate. The Middle Eastern real estate projects that are in a developmental stage, especially the real estate market of Dubai, is a special interest of the organization. The strength of Alaska Enterprises lies with its traders who have been successfully working in the Forex industry for over two decades. The company has over a 100 employees consisting of an exceptional IT, marketing and management teams.

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We understand the growing need for a secure and safe platform for investment options and this is why security and trust are our top priorities. If you are looking for a reliable investment organization Alaska Enterprises is your best option. So don’t waste any more time and get in touch with us now!




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